Accreditation System of Medical Schools

Conselho Federal de Medicina – CFM (Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine), reaffirming its commitment with ethical professional practice and quality of education, developed and implemented the Sistema de Acreditação de Escolas Médicas – SAEME-CFM (Accreditation System of Medical Schools). As well as other international accreditation systems of medical schools, SAEME-CFM is an answer to the requirement of improving the quality of medical education due to increasing number of medical schools and growing professional mobility, and a way to assure healthcare of good quality. It is a non-regulatory procedure and of voluntary inclusion, which complements the governmental procedures of institutional assessment.

The Guideline for Accreditation of Basic Medical Education of World Health Organization and World Federation for Medical Education guided the SAEME-CFM accreditation process.

The mission of SAEME-CFM is promoting the excellence of medical education based on an accreditation process of Brazilian medical schools, grounded on transparency, ethics and independence.

SAEME-CFM received in April 2019 recognition by the World Federation of Medical Education for 10 years, without conditions, indicating that SAEME-CFM has internationally recognized quality standards.

Grupo Saeme